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Throwing a Late Night Backyard Summer Party

Throwing a Late Night Backyard Summer Party

Not every backyard party has to be paper plates and solo cups, and not every backyard party has to have someone constantly manning the grill. It can be simpler and enjoyable for everyone involved! Here is our refreshing take on hosting a late summer evening that your guests will love!

Where does every good party start? The food of course! Keeping your company full and hydrated is your main responsibility when hosting a summer evening. Instead of grabbing hot dogs, buns and chips at the store, wow your guests with a refreshing and colorful assortment of fruit! Believe it or not, this can be your main dish. When sitting around a table and watching the sun go down, having foods that your guests can pick over while conversing is the priority. Add some fun drink pairings to your fruit choices, such as a spicy ginger beer, or a favorite cocktail.

The next order of business to throwing a perfect summer sioree is setting the scene. Make your guests feel special by setting a festive table. All it takes is a few fun items to make the space seem full and summery, such as our boho inspired wicker placemat, linen napkins, and colorful silverware and drink glasses.

Lastly, sprinkle in the final touches. Having greenery or plants on the table always helps when shooting for a summery vibe. Style your favorite succulents as part of the centerpiece and pair them with different candlelight options (or perhaps bug repellant candles) to make sure the conversation doesn't have to end when the sun goes down!

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