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3 Keys to Success When Hosting a Classy Outdoor Evening on the Patio

3 Keys to Success When Hosting a Classy Outdoor Evening on the Patio


There’s no better way to take advantage of good weather than to set yourself up to enjoy numerous evenings out on your patio. Invite some friends over for a classy evening with wine and cheese, or decide to take some time to yourself. Either way, we have some tips for how to take full advantage of your outdoor area.

1. Stylish and Sustainable Furniture

This is the key ingredient for spicing up your patio! We styled our space with some unique and comfortable woven chairssettee, and brought them all together with a beautiful terrazzo coffee table. Make the space cozy by placing it all on a neutral outdoor rug.

2. Decorative Touches

When it comes to applying decor to a patio, be intentional so that it adds practicality to the space. Throw pillows, blankets and stylish storage baskets are a great way to start!

Each of these can be used to enhance overall comfort throughout your evening, and immediately elevate the cozy factor. 


3. Drink Selection and Finger Foods

While this can vary based on personal taste, you typically can't go wrong with a meat and cheese selection to pair with a favorite wine.

If celebrating, add some champagne to the mix! But no matter what, don’t forget that the better it looks the better it tastes! So style your food of choice on a slim wood platter, and aerate your wine in an elegant looking decanter such as this one! Grab your drink caddy and allow your friends to choose their glass design.

If hosting friends turns into a long evening, go the extra mile by having a simple dessert platter on deck such as a stoneware smores selection kept fresh with a beautiful dome.

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