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How to Transition Your Tablescape from Summer to Fall

How to Transition Your Tablescape from Summer to Fall

 If you are anything like us, you are enjoying your summer, but are already looking forward to hosting more events in the coming seasons. So naturally we are coming up with our best tips to transition your summer tablescape to being host-ready for fall! 

When putting together a table for a seasonal party we always have a few key things in mind that never change, making it easier than ever to make a smooth shift to each time of the year. Here are some factors you will always see on our dining table:


We like to make a statement. And the centerpiece doesn’t just refer to the seasonal florals in the middle of the table, it's all of the visual elements you decide to include as decor along the center of your table. Besides a vase filled with florals or stems to add some height and drama, we always rely on assorted candlelight for our dinner parties. Some of our favorites include unique votives such as a dimpled glass for summer and a creative metal tree for fall.

Out of the Box Serveware

Get creative in the way you display your food! We loved styling some favorite fruits on coastal inspired platters or in wood bowls for summer, and doing individual charcuterie boards on stone plates for fall. Don't forget your chargers, these are a crucial element to your tablescape that can really show off the theme that you're going for. For summer we wanted a tropical vibe, utilizing our balihai collection of placemats and runners. For fall, we did a quick swap and added our stone plates in under a basic black plate. Playing into natural and sustainable elements like this can bring your dinner party to the next level. 

Utilize Seasonal Colors

Go all in on your color scheme to make every seasonal get together feel like a holiday! We featured bright blues and greens to pair with our summer citrus, and maximized on warm tones for fall such as yellow and orange. Bring in some color with dinner napkins, florals, the food itself, or fun statements like a table runner.

Also photographed above: Uzu glassware, Endra drinking glass, & tealight candles

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