A Fall Inspired Tablescape for This Year's Friendsgiving

A Fall Inspired Tablescape for This Year's Friendsgiving

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Whether your family is out of town and can't make the trip for the holidays, or you simply have a group of friends that you love spending time with and want an excuse to celebrate: let's talk Friendsgiving!

This year we are spicing things up with an outdoor fall inspired tablescape. After using our tips and tricks to set the scene, fill it with some of your favorite dishes, surround it with some of your favorite people and sit back and enjoy this trending fall tradition.

First things first: choose your fall inspired color pallet!

Our colors of choice:

  • Green
  • Copper/Rust
  • Yellow
  • Brown
  • Grey

We made these colors come alive with different table decor including a tablecloth, dishes, votives, candles, and vases full of some seasonal colored sprigs! You can get creative in how you bring in color, such as choosing food options that compliment your theme (because why not use tasty treats as decor?).

Next, set the table.

The difference is in the details. That is why we chose to decorate the table with unique items like gold silverware, textured woven placemats and painted clay dishes to add to the aesthetic.

Fill it up!

Don't be shy when putting together the centerpiece to this Friendsgiving tablescape. To keep things from looking oddly placed, add some height and balance to the table. This means strategically clustering your decor items that are different sizes to add dimension, but making sure that the table is balanced from one end to the other. In order to avoid the centerpiece looking flat, consider placing some items such as candles, vases or dishes on a riser.

Get creative with textures.

One of our favorite things about this table setting is all of the different textures that can be found. Linen, wicker, dimpled glass, metal, concrete and wood. Some of the accents to specifically note are our woven chairs, unique green vases and wooden accent table decor such as our riser and bowl.


Enjoy your company.

While it's fun to get caught up in the decor and details of the night, the most important thing is to enjoy your company. Invite your closest friends to dine under the lights in your backyard and spend the evening reminiscing or making plans for the future. It will be a night that they will never forget!



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