How to Freshen Up Your Laundry Room

How to Freshen Up Your Laundry Room

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While most people don't get excited about doing laundry, there isn't much that compares to the feeling when you have a laundry room that has an inviting aesthetic. We are learning that the more personality you can pour into a space, the more likely you are to end up there. Maybe all it takes to keep up with your chores is freshening up your space! Here are some of our favorite ways to sprinkle in some beautiful touches to your laundry room:

1. Effortless organizers

Like most, we want our everyday tools organized and accessible. That is why we love the idea of organizing some laundry room products out in the open where they are easy to get to but don't make the space look cluttered or disheveled. Other items that aren't needed for every wash cycle can be tucked away.

We stored our drier balls and clothing clips in what would typically be used as drawer organizers, but these work great as a tabletop accessory as well. Our powdered laundry detergent works great in a glass jar, Where it can stay fresh, be within arm’s reach for every wash cycle and look good. In addition, storing detergent in a glass jar allows you to buy in bulk and save on plastic and other materials. Just another little way you can go green! Find our Java Organizers here:

2. Potted plants

We never let an opportunity to style potted plants slip by. Having high shelves with a little bit of open space created the perfect spot to display a hanging plant such as the one pictured below. Bringing greenery inside is always a great way to make a room feel fresh, what better room to freshen up than the laundry room?

3. Organic materials that are kind to your clothes

If you've been on our blog before, you know we are passionate about organic and recycled materials. We think that household essentials should be kind to you and the planet. That is why all the materials we used to organize, store and decorate this room have a history!

  • Our natural braided organizers are made from Javanese grass that is designed to stand up to wear, tear and time.
  • The woven Maiz basket is great for bringing clothes back and forth from rooms or storing essentials. It is made from the dried leaves of harvested corn plants and spun into twine to make for the perfect companion and accessory to any room!
  • We paired the Maiz basket with a complimentary clay colored Melia basket (both regular and hanging), which are made from natural woven jute. They are perfect and reliable catch-all baskets!
  • The laundry basket (which can have many other functions as well) is made from water hyacinth reeds that clog the rivers and waterways of Thailand unless culled and dried into long sturdy strands. After weaving a “mat” of the material we fold it and form it into the basket you see here!

Not everything has to be natural and neutral toned! This space is made unique from the pop of color brought in from the door, which is coordinated with everything else with a beautiful and durable rug.

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