How to Throw a Fabulous Fall Soiree Your Friends Will Remember by Just Destiny

How to Throw a Fabulous Fall Soiree Your Friends Will Remember by Just Destiny

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Photos and content by Just Destiny.

Each season has a cause for gathering and no one knows that more than Bre! I’m so thankful to be a part of the this tablescape tour this year. Gatherings definitely have a place in my heart and I can’t wait to share with you all the details of this tablescape for your next Fall Soiree!

How to Throw a Fabulous Fall Soiree

  1. Pick a Theme
  2. Set the Table
  3. Plan the Menu
  4. Decorate

Pick a Theme

Fall Soiree Theme: Favorite Things Dinner Party

The fall is a perfect time to invite your friends over for a good time! Each year I throw a favorite things party for my girlfriends and it’s something we all look forward too! Although I’m not throwing one this year I have all the details in these posts! So make sure you check them out.

How to throw a favorite things party here!

Favorite Things Gift Ideas

Set the Table

Dinner parties aren’t dinner parties without a table setting! Simple or elaborate, setting the table for your guests sets the mood for the entire night! This table I set says, let’s have FUN and I’m so glad you’re here! For the most part I leave the seating arrangements open, especially if it’s a group of girlfriends who know each other! But you might want to think about seating arrangements if your guests aren’t familiar with each other!

Down the middle I lit tapered candles in black candlesticks along with a small arrangement of flowers in pumpkin vases. I love to use different heights when I set the table and keep visibility across the table. I also brought in fall colors using warm wooden risers and pinecones scattered throughout the table.

Each table setting is stacked with a black charger, textured plate and a word of affirmation print. I made to let each person know how much they mean to me. To make it even more personal you can write a small note on the back and they can take it home as a keepsake!

Plan the Menu

When you’re planning a dinner party, the menu is a big part of the plan. My favorite things party usually involves a potluck. I do this for a couple of reasons. One because it’s so much easier on me, the hostess! ha! We can be real here right?! Cooking for more than 12 guests can be exhausting!! So I get all the help I can.

I also love the potluck style menu because you get to try new recipes. Everyone has a few recipes the love to share or make for parties like this. I can’t tell you how many recipes I’ve picked up from my friends bringing something they love to a party!

If you don’t want to do a potluck style menu you can also get the party catered or do something simple like a cheese board and light appetizers! You can also add desserts like chocolate cake and specialty drinks like the Best Punch EVER or coffee punch!


Now for the fun part! After you’ve set the table, put up a few festive decorations. I recently added this fun banner to my shop! In the past I’ve used them for fall and Christmas but I decided to make one especially for a favorite things party just like this!

Get the NEW Just Destiny Favorite Things Banner

You can also hang streamers, balloons and other items to really make this party special. No need to go overboard. Just do what you can and STOP when things look nice! I promise you you’re friends are NOT over to judge you decorating. They are there to have a good time with you. Make the night about good conversation and smiles above anything else!

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