Rounding Up Some of Our Favorite Post Worthy Beverages

Rounding Up Some of Our Favorite Post Worthy Beverages

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Thanks to our friends at The Inspired Home Journal, we have quite the list of tasty beverages that suit anything from a cozy day at home to a fancy dinner party! We thought it was time to gather them all up and spread the wealth, so here are some of our absolute favorites!

Herbal Fresh Fruit Bellinis

These are such a creative, colorful and fun way to both put on a party; and make a gorgeous display for your next party. All it takes it a little bit of prep and a few bottles of champagne! Find the recipe here.

Cocktails Garnished With Recycled Fruits and Veggies

While the taste of the cocktail absolutely matters, what takes any drink to the next level is the presentation. That is why we love the idea of dehydrating extra fruits and vegetables to make a beautiful display for our drinks! Find creative ways to recycle your foods here.

Blood Orange Pitcher Margaritas

This showstopper of a drink is perfect for your next get together, and quite simple to prepare! Your guests will love the unique flavor, the pop of color and the extra effort that you put into going beyond the classic margarita. Learn how to replicate this recipe by clicking here.

A Spiced Winter Cocktail: Clarified Milk Punch

While things can get a bit dreary during the winter months, this beverage is sure to spice things up. Whether you just want to try something new, or could use some creative time in the kitchen as a pick-me-up, we highly recommend trying this cocktail.

Easy Chai Tea Latte with Star Anise

As if the name and the presentation isn't enough to convince you to give this drink a whirl, it can even be a healthier alternative then your typical Starbucks run. For a cozy day in or when hosting morning brunch, add this recipe to your next grocery list and give it a try!

Blood Orange Ramos Gin Fizz with Honey Cinnamon Syrup

Last, but not least, is this fancy-looking cocktail! We promise it's not as intimidating as it sounds, but you don't have to tell your guests that! They will be wowed by both the presentation and the taste of this stylish drink. Choose to switch out the flavors based on the season, or keep it classic with blood oranges!

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