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Free Shipping on all orders over $50
5 Carry-On Essentials for Your Next Trip

5 Carry-On Essentials for Your Next Trip

Whether your next trip is a much needed vacation getaway or strictly business-related, we've rounded up five must-haves to pack in your carry on to ensure an enjoyable flight!

  1. PatchUp™ bandage dispenser ($6 retail): Available in a variety of fun colors, PatchUp™ helps you find the bandage you need in no time. This portable bandage dispenser is slim enough to fit in your pocket or purse and comes in handy while on-the-go. Holds up to 8-10 bandages.
  2. IdentityCase™ holder ($7 retail): When traveling, try using an IdentityCase™ holder to keep your essential identifying items (business cards, driver's license, credit cards and cash) in one easy-to-access organized place. Traveling for business? Try our Give and Take IdentityCase holder. A silicone band holds cards in one place on each side of the stainless steel plate. We've embossed the word "give" on one side to hold your business cards, while the other side is marked with "take" to house those you collect. Networking has never been so easy!
  3. Focus™ cloth ($4.50 retail): Let's face it, traveling is germy. Rely on our Focus™ cloths to keep screens free of germs. These soft microfiber cloths provide a stylish way to safely clean fingerprints and smudges from glasses, sunglasses, smartphones, tablets and other portable devices.
  4. Jott™ journal ($7-$9 retail): The perfect accessory for ensuring that you'll always have a place to store your deep thoughts while among the clouds, our Jott™ journals are designed for great minds. The soft yet durable cover is made from 75% recycled leather, and each is elegantly designed with rounded corners and a high quality stitched binding. What good is a beautifully designed journal without a fun pen? Jot down all of your genius theories with our Einstein pen. This writing utensil is sure to give you the inspiration you need while brainstorming your next big idea!
  5. Ripstop Folio™ pouch ($18 retail): We've created our Folio™ pouches out of the most interesting materials we could find and our Ripstop material is no exception. Made of tough, indestructible fiber paper, these pouches are ready to withstand some serious turbulence. Check out our popular NYC style, which illustrates a charming aerial grid view of New York City. All tablet and large sizes are padded to protect their contents.
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