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The Ultimate Home Library

The Ultimate Home Library

After over a year of people spending more time at home, we thought we would get creative in how we utilize our space to maximize relaxation and achieve an overall good vibe! Updating a traditional library to have some modern flare was the perfect way to reset and take advantage of a great space.

Keep the Bones

A lot of what can bring personality to a home comes from what was there all along. Working with the bones of your space can accentuate the character that is just dying to be recognized! We loved using these classic bookshelves and original wood as a backdrop to our new oasis. Even playing off of the tradition and decorating with beautiful timeless paintings and sprinkling in some candlesticks and modern metal lanterns seemingly celebrated the history of this room. A great foundation to build off of!

Keep it Natural

Focusing on the pieces that you add to a space to make sure they create a unified look is now easier than ever. How? The increased demand for beautiful, natural, and sustainable furniture and decor. Something that we believe our texxture line does best. We love how our woven lounge chair brought a modern twist to such a traditional backdrop. In addition, adding practical decor such as our pouf (which works wonderfully as an additional seat or side table), storage baskets for your favorite throw blanket or records/magazines, and of course, comfy pillows. All of these elements work together to create a universal space that is easy to utilize in many ways.

Keep it Simple

When working to combine traditional and modern elements, less is more. Don’t feel the need to fill every corner, let the main pieces speak for themselves. You will be thankful for the fresh spin on the room with minimal effort. Simply just grab yourself your favorite beverage, turn on some soft music, sit back and dive head first into the next book on your reading list.

Additional items shown: palomar basket, bubble candleholders, wabisabi drinking glass, & bamboo straws.

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