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How to Incorporate Plants Around the Home

How to Incorporate Plants Around the Home

One of our favorite trends that has been circulating over the past few years is an increased desire to add greenery throughout the home Not only does this encourage sustainable living by limiting the amount of fast fashion decor, but it creates an atmosphere that promotes a fresh and simple way of life. Whether you have a green thumb and want every corner covered in plants, or would love to pace yourself by tending to one or two around the house, we’ve got you covered on creating ways to display your fresh friends!

There are many questions you can ask before choosing how to decorate with plants or greenery. In this dining scene, we were intentional to choose tall palm leaves to add height to an otherwise empty corner. Placing palm leaves into a glass vase allowed us to keep the clean and bright look of the room without adding something heavy and dark to the bright corner. 

(additional items in image: drinking glass, bamboo straw, bowl)

Choose Your Favorite Spaces
Typically we like to spend our time in clean, open, and well-lit spaces. Conveniently, plants feel the same way! Identifying areas with those characteristics is a great way to ensure that:

One, that your plant can thrive & two, that you can enjoy it.

(Capri cushion covers & melia basket shown above)

Choose a Purpose
Most times when we select a space for our plants it is a very intentional decision. For instance, from a decorative standpoint are you wanting to:

1. Fill an Empty Space?
2. Add Height?
3. Add a Pop of Color? Light/dark?
4. Bring some life to an otherwise dead space?
5. To grow fresh herbs?

(vases shown above)

Choose Different Ways to Present Your Plants
One of our favorite parts about decorating homes with natural elements such as plants is the variety of ways to display them. Some of our favorites include:

1. Woven Baskets (melia basket)

2. Glass vases big or small (boboli, bulb forcer small vases, additional glass vase options)

3. Rolling/practical gardening units

We specifically love styling our plants that have a purpose beyond looks! Growing an herb garden has never been easier or more stylish than the units that Watex Green Living provides. Whether you want to style it on a back patio or screen porch, it allows for an impressive variety of plants that can be personalized to your specific needs. Checkout their blog all about the healing properties of your plants.

(palomar basket above)

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